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Hello coaches and buddies!

Day 5--OP <enough>--with a few adjustments. Due to the extra hour (beyond schedule) I spent at the nail salon (a serious vanity for me), I didn't have time to make our planned dinner before leaving to take my daughter somewhere. So, I heated up and ate (too fast) a frozen Lean Cuisine meal (known intake, that way). We stopped at Wendy's for her on the way to where we were taking her. I admit that her burger smelled good :-), but my response was "I really feel like having a burger. I'll plan that for next week." Since the quick frozen meal didn't get me to where I need to be calorie wise, I had a bowl of Cheerios with raisins when we got home--after DH and I went for our walk. The frozen meal and cheerios weren't quite what I'd planned, but they were totally within my overall calorie plan, so I'm still counting it as a win. YAY to me!

Several books came today, and I started going through the pink one. Since I've already started my diet, I know I'm rushing ahead a bit, but I feel okay about that. I created my Advantages Response Card and one for eating while sitting down. I also spent time figuring out how to format the cards--pick the fonts, fix the margins, print on index cards from my printer. This will make me happy when reading them :-). I also saved them on Dropbox, so I'll be able to get to them from my phone or other computer at any time.

I did find that I wasn't having that many of the sabotaging "What are you thinking" thoughts she describes. I'm willing to follow steps that I might not immediately understand how they'll help me--experience tells me that cognitive approaches work for me.

Primary Advantage: "My blood sugar and cholesterol will be in a healthy range instead of being a ticking time bomb."

gardenerjoy: YAY for the eating--and reading your cards. Thinking good trifecta thoughts at you.

BillBlueEyes: YAY for eating on plan! It sounds as if you're getting better able to exercise the way you want to--PT is helpful if painful. I love your reward for yourself.

nationalparker: I read about you looking at your cookie this morning and didn't think the cookie made you weak-willed at all--exactly the opposite. You looked at it, considered it, and used your resistance muscle. YAY for you.

Beverlyjoy: And you can give yourself credit for giving yourself credit and focusing on all the decisions and actions that were on plan.

Tazzy: Weight Watchers and the gym in one week--that's a lot. Credit for figuring out what you can eat at Chili's.

IBelieveInMe2: Isn't the internet great? (I admit I'm moving faster in getting started in the pink book)

Have a great OP weekend everyone.
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