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Hello Everyone,

Well, I think mentally I'm ready to get back on track here. Fall is always difficult for me with how busy my job gets but I cannot let that be an excuse either. Allowing it to be an excuse also allowed me to think it's just 1 pound more it's okay, while that added up to about 10 - 14 more than the same time last year and that's when it became not okay. So I will reset my ticker to reflect what the reality really is. I was contemplating doing WW online as I kept seeing commercials for it (funny how the universe sends things out to you) and when I got on the scale last Sunday I thought "this has to stop". A pound month cummulatively really starts to add up. And the number on Sunday was 179 and I refuse to see 180 again. So I went straight to the computer and signed up at that moment. There was a really good deal for 6 months so I did that one. I don't need to stand in front of someone to get their approval or disapproval of how my week might have been. I just need the structure back in my life and so far I really like the online program.

This week has had a couple of challenges, yesterday was DH's birthday and he took a couple of days off. He wanted his homemade lasagna for his birthday dinner so he spent yesterday doing that. He also wanted a black forest cake that was not from a grocery store bakery so I had to figure that out. I figured out the points for dinner and dessert and stayed within my limits. Credit for that. Tonight I'm meeting friends for dinner before going to a concert and the restaurant that's closest to the concert (Chili's) is not WW friendly at all. I found a website with the points values for their food and they have one burger that is 60 points. When a person only gets 26 for the day and 49 extra for the week it really wipes them out quickly. Seeing a burger for 2300 calories was almost sickening! I found 5 choices of meals that I can decide from and noted them in my smart phone, no excuses for not sticking to it.

I've also made a very concerted effort to get back to the gym. I've been more times in this last week than the whole month of December. I've started carrying my stuff with me in the car and I have DH drop me off on the way home from work. We determine a time for him to come back and get me later. The last time I was there I was really tired and didn't want to do anymore cardio but I had at least 25 minutes before he was to return so I just kept on pedalling. Credit! If I had access to the car at that time I would have been on my way home so I think this is a solid plan to use.

Our puppies are growing more everyday and are such fun to have around. Dexter is now about 70 pounds and he's a pretty laid back dog. Masuka, who we've nicknamed Suka, is about 40 pounds now and he's a curious little fella. They wrestle and play continually and fall asleep beside each other at night. Good buddies they are. We got about 6 inches of snow over the last couple of days and when I took the 2 of them for a walk last night they spent a lot of time with their heads burrowed into the snow and just plowed along. It's a good thing they are both black or I would have lost them!

Hope everyone is doing well. I'll try to get caught up on personals. For now I'm trying to get back on track with checking the board every day. Looking forward to sharing your successes with you.

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