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I think a cup of dried lentils has about 600 calories. But 1 cup dried goes a long way. If you used pre-cooked lentils than the 230 calories a cup is correct.

I love lentils and beans and eat them regularly. Try some of the different colors! Red lentils make a great soup with carrots and sweet potatoes, although, alas, they lose their color when cooked.

Newleaf - if you are working your way through the bulk bean bins, google Becky and the Beanstock. She has not updated the recipes in years, but has loads of recipes exploring all sorts of beans.

This one is my favorite: Hutterite Bean Soup. I had Hutterite beans from a lady at the farmer's market, but I think it would work with any white bean.

Mm. In fact, I think I know what I'm making for lunch next week!

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