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Good morning everybody. It is warmer here today but still cloudy and will start raining again tomorrow and Sunday. Sounds like a lousy weather weekend. I have to go to Walmart's tomorrow, but other than that, nothing going on here.

I got the yarn for Jay's hat so started on it last night. It will be blue and gold like Notre Dame's colors then I am going to duplicate stitch an ND onto the fold up part. It is like a watch cap. It will have blue and gold stripes in the head part and the brim part with be solid blue with a gold ND. I hope he likes it. I am not a hat maker much.

I am having oatmeal and blueberries for breakfast this am. I am really trying to increase my fiber between grains and veggies besides getting more water into me and more fruits and veggies. I have no problem with sugar or desserts, but carbs are harder for me to back off of. I am doing pretty good though.

Jean: Sounds like you are having very nice weather and I am so glad. It can get cold there in the wintertime.

Susan: How did your dr appt go? I am working on getting a snack like veggies and dip or something like that in the evening and see if that helps with the hunger. It is a struggle, period, and I knew it would be for me until my body adjusts to less sugar and such then it is much easier for me.

Well girls, nothing going on exciting here so I better get breakfast eaten and chores done. Have a nice weekend all. Faye
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