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Default No Sacrifice Substitutions

Sometimes it can be hard for us individually to find a good substitutions or recipes for certain foods. Other times we discover substitutions that are just as good (or even better) to us than the unhealthier version we had been eating.

What specific substitutions or healthier choices don't feel like a sacrifice at all for you?

Some of my own:

-whole wheat, high fiber breads and pastas and tortillas
I thankfully grew up eating wheat bread and I actually dislike cheap white bread like Wonder Bread. I wish whole wheat buns and bread were a more wide spread dining option.

- Laughing Cow cheese spread
While nothing can completely replace a good, aged cheese for me, this low calorie cheese spread is a great substitute for basic cheese.

- Hellmann's Canola Mayo
I've always preferred Hellmann's (Best Foods) mayo. I can hardly tell any difference with this mayo that has half the calories and no saturated fat.

I'd really like to discover more of these substitutions to make things easier. I'd love to hear what others have discovered.
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