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Default Steel Magnolias #37

Good morning everyone. Well, it is still raining here and will continue throughout the day. I want some sunshine!!!

I finished Alicia's slippers, now just waiting on the yarn to make Jay's hat then I can send it all to them. They are in Mexico for the week to visit with her dad so I will wait until they get back. Right now I am back to knitting on my socks. They get put aside everytime I have something else I want to get done.

I am finding only one problem with my eating and that is I get really hungry in the evening. I know we eat really early, but I can't change that. Jack has breakfast and lunch so early that he wants to eat around 4 or he starts snacking then doesn't want to eat dinner. I will just have to work it out, I guess.

I have been sitting here at the computer wasting time this morning looking at new chairs for the living room. We are going to get rid of the couch eventually and get two chairs to replace them and keep the double recliner since we paid so much for it. I have never liked it, but Jack loves it and it isn't that old so it stays. Nothing wrong with the couch, but I want to free up space in this weird shaped room. We have no solid walls in this room. One wall opens into the kitchen, one wall is the back door and window, the other wall has the fireplace on it and the other wall has the doorway into the hallway. Besides that, everything is wanky. The fireplace isn't centered but at the hallway end with a nook and closet under the stairs. It is just really hard to place furniture so you can see tv and it not look ridiculous.

Well girls, I need to get those ole chores done. You all have a great day! Faye
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