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I'm so thrilled to say that after my first week I am down 10.2 pounds!

I have to say it hasn't been a bad week at all; not nearly as difficult as I thought it might be. Days 3 & 4 I was a bit hungry before supper, but that's it. I ordered the one month package so I could try lots of different items. Two things I don't care for are the tomato soup and the berry yogurt smoothie. Everything else is just fine. The hotcakes are really good.

Does anyone use a tracker to track their food? I use myfitnesspal. It has all the products in their database so that's easy. I don't know that it's necessary, but I like to have an idea of what I'm eating each day. My highest calorie day so far has been 1100. If someone had told me a week ago that I could eat only 900-1100 calories and be full I'd have been calling out the folks in the white coats to take them away.

From what I've been reading so far all of us are having success with WS and the enthusiasm is high. High five to everyone and pat us all on the back. We're doing fabulous!!
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