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Okay, it is really late and I must get some sleep, but I have some questions and major concerns.

1. Have any of you heard of the diet plan called "dietwatch: see yourself succeed?" That subtitle "see yourself succeed" jumped out at me and it looks like it might be a plan that could work for me.

2. Does the newer green Beck book (which I ordered) have a reasonable food plan in it? Can someone give me a quick review of its main concepts?

3. I am anxious, but really nervous, to get started on an eating plan! Should I join dietwatch or wait for the green Beck book to arrive first? I need 2 plans anyway. Dietwatch could be my #1 (since I would be paying for it) and Beck could be #2.

* The dietwatch plan is reasonably priced, I think. And, for an extra fee, you can get access to an emotional eating program that sounds like it would be extremely helpful to me and in line with Beck's principles.

4. I hate the thought of measuring and weighing my food!!! I was just going to focus on portion control. Is this an absolute of the program? I tend to be all or nothing and don't want to throw Beck out because of this, but I really do NOT want to weigh and measure everything I eat!!! It sounds so tedious and we often eat out, which would make it impossible. (I know! I know! Eating out too frequently is dangerous. Working on that one! But I want something that will fit into my current lifestyle. I want to be able to stay on plan even when dining out.)

5. Do we HAVE to plan our food out ahead of each day? I hate the thought of that one, too!!! I never know what I'll be in the mood for each day. And, as I said, we dine out frequently, so it depends where we all decide to go on any given night. We like to be spontaneous. I am really worried about this one!

I am only on Day 2 ~ ~ but I read up through Day 1 in the (pink) Beck workbook, which reviews the main concepts of the Beck program, and I had forgotten about the above concerns I also had last time I read the book. I did definitely get a lot out of it last time, though, so I don't want to abandon ship because of my above concerns. But are they deal-breakers if I choose not to follow them?!? I know that is ultimately up to me, but just need some quick feedback on these concerns. Oh, and that leads me to #6.

6. Will you all serve as my coach or do I need to pick one person?

That's it.......................... for now! I am filled with anxiety about this new weight loss journey, but so excited to begin! I truly am NOT looking for an easy route. Just want to be realistic about what can work for me day in and day out, and especially in the long run (for LIFE)! Thank you, in advance, for any insights you have!
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