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Hi Coaches/friends... So happy to say that yesterday was a healthy day - I am always grateful for that. I really was able to do many of my Beck goals & tasks.

I took my mom to the dentist and it turned out to be a much longer appointment. Then she wanted to go run errands. By the time I got home it was 2pm. So I had missed my morning snack and lunch. At first I had a moments 'panic'. However, the remembered the 'skip a meal' exercise. How I could easily skip a meal and 'survive'. I was glad to have it to draw back on. While Mom was in the office and used that time to do my daily journal and read arc/rc and beck. I've been reading the workbook to the pink Beck book lately. (want to switch it up). Many credits!

In the morning I was stirring up the new jar of almond butter before putting it into the fridge... I was willing to throw the almond butter spoon in the soapy water and not eating the extra off the spoon. Credit. It's funny how other people would even think one way or the other... but, it's major for me.

One of the best things that happened yesterday was that I didn't eat anything after my evening snack. That's so hard for me...Major Credit.

I had many credits other yesterday(no seconds, left a bite, planned/measured/logged, told myself to 'stand firm' when I wanted to eat in the evening, deep centering breaths before eating and more) - I am grateful. It makes me feel hopeful again. I know that the Beck techniques work when I find the willingness to use them. I don't always have the willingness, of course. Keep working at it. I guess if all this 'food stuff' was easy we would all be at healthy weights.

One of my goals is to start doing my meditations again.

Also.. I got to move my ticker down one pound. YAY. I am back to my preholiday weight.

I have two performances next week and I need to start to rehearse.

bethfromdayton - yes, you have had a good beginning here... many credits. Credit for taking care of yourself when it comes to eating later and managing your diabetes. I really like how you answered your sabatoging thoughts about the cake. One other that I sometimes use is: I can have cake again... but, I have to PLAN for it. Carry on.

nationalparker - oh those crazy mornings getting up late...sorry you missed out on the cereal. Great that you did will out to eat with a friend. Your healthy dinner sounds yummy. Carry on. I got the email from the Beck institute too.... yes, very helpful.

maryann - credit on staying away from wheat and sugar!!! Stay warm.

- oops on extra muffin, but... leaving a bite, That's good. (made me giggle - been there)

billbe - oops on the appetizers... good switcheroo for dinner! Wonderful that you can use the elliptical.

gardenerjoy - sorry about all the stressers. Hop right back on your plan and you'll be OK.

believeinme - credit for doing all this Beck work! I agree... I think one of the most challenging things is sitting down to eat... you are doing great.

futurefitchick - ouch on your splintery smoothie. I hope your headache and medicine 'hangover' is over. I am doing a happy dance in honor of your OP day. Carry on.

Move ticker, move!
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