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I can do this
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As for me, I now have two successful days under my belt--OP with food and exercise, logging of food and exercise. No snacks at work. And I've been successful at reining myself in when I want to attack everything at once. 5 goals is sufficient for one month! I even made a real breakfast this morning (one egg, 2 sausage links). (I do best with morning protein.)

DH has wanted to go out to dinner but he's come home late the last two nights so I've eaten as planned (not waiting for him). I have to differentiate between "hungry that can wait" and "hungry that is going to turn into the shakes" (I'm diabetic.) (I never tell anyone that, since I pretend I'm not and can eat whatever I want.) The last two nights, it's been "the shakes", so I've eaten before he's gotten home rather than snacking.

I was hungry at dinner last night, but it was the type of hunger that I just needed to go to sleep and wait out.

The rapid increase in fast walking is causing shin splints, so I'm slowing down a bit--but still walking. If they're bothering me tonight, I'll swap the planned 20-25 minute walk with DH for 1/2 hour of toning exercises: leg lifts, arm workout, and crunches. Strength and toning stuff is something I was going to start next month, but I am not going to derail myself if I can substitute. The shin splints will go away as I stretch them and I can even check if my glider bothers them, since it's a no impact activity.

FutureFitChick: I guess a chocolate/spinach drink with a side of wooden spoon doesn't make much of a snack. I hope your blender has forgiven you and is willing to make drinks for you in the future.

nationalparker: I saved those 4 thought-provokers of not throwing yourself down the stairs. They're all great visuals. I can say to myself, "I dropped and broke this plate. All that means is to be more careful with the next one."

Beverlyjoy: Sounds like yesterday was very successful. I haven't been leaving food on my plate--sounds like something to think about. Changing plans is hard when you're on a mission, but sounds as if you were really successful at doing it.

gardenerjoy: eating away frustration? Yeah, but you still got in good exercise--frustrated or not!

BillBlueEyes: I love your posts! I especially love the book excerpts (mine is supposed to come Friday). Back on the elliptical sounds great!

The Trigger to Eating makes me think about how to change the chain of events. I want to put some thoughts in between
  • That cake looks good." and "I think I'll have it." The cake does look good--there's no getting around that, so that thought stays.
  • If I eat that cake, I'll be be increasing my blood sugar, which is what I'm striving to get under control.
  • I would like some of that cake, but it isn't what my body needs right now.
  • I would like some of that cake, but I am a person who doesn't snack at work.
  • I would like some of that cake, but I only eat small sweets after dinner and this isn't dinner time.
  • I would like some of that cake, but I will not enjoy it enough to make up for the consequences of eating it.

Eventually, maybe I'll get to "that cake doesn't look so appealing", but for now, I'd need to focus on explaining to myself why I'm not going to have any--even if it does look good.
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