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Good morning IPers It has been a lonng while.

I am restarting IP after a hiatus at the end of July. Today is day 2. I have been browsing the forum this morning and do see some familiar, thinner faces

This time around I would like to do the alternatives and have been reading around and seeing there are bars (which are perfect for travelling) that may be unrestricted. May you share the magic number of carbs that would make a bar unrestricted, I think it is 8 or less but am not sure. I have been traveling a lot with long days for sports events- bars are easier to travel with than drinks & mixes. In IP the bars were always restricted.

Here is what I was thinking on going with and am wondering if there are any restricted items I should be aware of.

Protidiet chocolate dream bar

Protidiet vanilla wafer bar

Proti thin Sea Salt & Vinegar snacks

Proti thin Chili and Lime Soy snacks

Proti thin hot chocolate drinks

In addition I have the Premier Nutrition Chocolate drinks I purchased at Costco. They have 30G protein and 5G carbs

Edited to add: I have been drinking my water in the morning and early afternoon so as to make sure I am close to a restroom during critical times. I read somewhere about drinking half your body weight in oz of water so have been chug chug chugging it down!
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