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Originally Posted by sneuse View Post
Morning all! Today is day two for my second time around - hoping it goes better than yesterday. By dinner time I was starving, but as soon as I started eating (eggs with veggies and meat) I was overcome with nausea. I managed to force myself to eat almost all of my food, but I could barely swallow the last bite without gagging. I spent the next two hours feeling as if I'd had the flu (headache and all) and could barely choke down my snack before bed. Didn't sleep well either.

Has anyone that has done a reboot found it to be significantly more difficult the second time around? I remember struggling the first few days last time, as I was getting into Ketosis, but nothing like yesterday.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great day! Good luck to all who WI!
I think for me it was a little bit harder mentally, but the physical headaches were challenging. I was also STARVING. I decided to let myself have four packets for a few days so I didn't go crazy, and by day 3 I felt fine.

Hang in there!
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