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But I also highly recommend the "flame-grilled" boca burger. yummm
Yep. I'm also a fan of the Morningstar Farms Tomato and Basil Burger and Spicy Black Bean burger. OOOOR, Luna Burgers. Organic, locally sourced-veggie burgers, often made WITHOUT SOY made in Ohio. Available at Whole Foods markets and in Ohio and surrounding states, frozen. I also like Phoenix Organics tofu burgers, which are made in WV but mostly sold in Cali. And I adore their meatless meatballs.

Either alone or on slim-sliced Jewish rye or pumpernickel (there is a brand in my grocery store that is nice bread, thin-sliced, 100 calories for 2 slices, and it tastes like real bread, not air-puffed fake 35 cal/slice bread) with good mustard and a slice of thin-sliced smoked Provolone. + veggies and pickles and pop chips.

And if I want fries I just buy frozen shoestring fries at the grocery store and cook them in the oven. Cascadian Farms has some that are pretty good, minimal coating, 5 servings per bag (I don't want to have 15 servings of fries sitting around in my freezer tempting me).

Oh, but I'm vegetarian so I don't really crave burgers, so much as sandwiches. Hah.
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