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Good afternoon, everyone. 49 degrees today with some warmer weather on the way.

I saw on the noon news that kid in ALwas planning to blow up his school with a bomb - so if they can't get guns they'll find another way. Fortunately his plan leaked out and he was arrested. I don't know what this world is coming to anymore.

I have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday to see about my foot that I had surgery on about a year ago. One of the bones has apparently moved out of place and I have a big bump that is getting worse on the inside of my foot. I'm going to ask her if I should see an orthopedic surgeon this time since the osteoporosis has made my bones so soft. Dr. Bushmaker had said he thought if I ever have to have surgery on that foot again it would have to go in a halo or it wouldn't heal at all. It's always something. I still did my yoga class today since we do yoga barefooted and don't jump around.

Maggie, we also expect this week to be another standing room only time. We should get combat pay this time of the year. I have been using my little book. Its very handy.

Have a wonderful day.

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