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Good morning, Ladies!

Amarantha, so glad you understood what I was trying to get across.

I have a confession to make. I don't like fruit. I rarely eat fruit other than an occasional banana. I know this is weird and not at all healthy. I will eat strawberries covered in chocolate, or apple crisp, or peach pie...but that doesn't exactly help with weight loss, does it? Eating raw fruit pretty much guarantees I'll be in intestinal distress in short order. However, I have discovered that I can make fruit smoothies and they don't bother me. Strange, I know, but perhaps the pureeing makes it easier on my gut. I have been using the frozen mixed fruit blends with everything from berries to plums, pineapple, and papaya. I put in some pulp-free OJ, some vanilla yogurt, a spoonful of honey, and they are SO good! I'm thrilled to have found a way to get fruit in my diet because I know I need the vitamins and anti-oxidants, etc., and I have my smoothie while cooking dinner. It keeps me from snacking impatiently and I eat less at dinner. Win-win!!

Kaylets, glad you are feeling better! I did manage to win my battle with the virus and didn't end up sick after all. *knock on wood* There are so many bugs on the go here right now, though. Must remain vigilant!!

Arabella, how are you feeling?

WSW? How are things in your corner?

I'm off for a "tank top arms" workout before the girls arrive for the afternoon. Have a wonderful day!
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