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Default My Obstacle = My Husband (Vent)

He is absolutely driving me CRAZY !!!
Every meal has turned into a major production. I make things I KNOW he likes - but all of the sudden he doesn't like macaroni or pork chops or chicken or anything. A few weeks ago he watched a cooking show -- Lydia's American Italian Cooking. He thinks she's a wonderful cook (and I agree, she is). She made baked ziti and he went on and on about how good it looked. So I made it for him one night -- exactly how she made it -- and he wouldn't take ONE bite. (I gave the whole thing to my daughter who loved it).
I buy him a bag of miniature chocolates -- every time he takes one he tries to get me to eat a few. I've told him I'm really not into chocolate and I've asked him not to leave them by my chair, please. But his insists on it.
Then I get the lectures about how I should enjoy life and Eat, eat and eat some more. I keep explaining I'll enjoy life better when I can breathe better and walk better.
It's like it's his mission in life to keep me fat. GGGRRRRRRRRRR !!!!

Tough luck -- I'm doing this for me.

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