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Hello all Royals!

I too agree with Wildfire's notes, Empress, that all parts of our lives influence our eating/overeating etc. In fact, perfect point---
I didn't realize until Thursday morning, I was coming down with something.
I was stressed and in a horrible mood and really not fit for company.

It was impossible to avoid the kitchen.

Whatever I had, was just a brush---I never lost my appetite but had no strength, slept most of it away except when I needed to eat and then, sitting was uncomfortable because everything seemed to ache.

My point, and yes, I really do have one is this: As soon as I started feeling better today, I could feel my mood brighten, and the urge to stuff lessened.


Stress for whatever reason has always been more than a trigger to eat for me. And I have learned in recent years, I had far less control over controlling stress eating than I imagined.

so, don't feel you can't share on my account.

Hope all are doing well tonight.

Take care
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Today is the day!
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