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I think I know what you mean in regards to trigger. My word for myself might be calling them impulse foods.

Something like pizza or bread or chips starts my feeding frenzy like I can't get enough of them (even if I am not hungry) and just stuff my face until they are G-O-N-E, regardless of the size of package.

My cravings for them used to be insatiable, in a sickening kind of way. The only way I can cope with it is to keep them out of the house. Sounds really weird but I won't buy them (anymore) if I am in the store but if they were in my house, all bets are off!

I was talking to my husband about this the other day and I might never be able to have those items again. Sounds drastic but I can't be trusted with them, plus they create a want for more.

I wish you luck with your pizza cravings! Maybe you can make them in a low fat version to keep you satisfied, I know the feeling you have!
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