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Originally Posted by ChickieChicks View Post
True. T be fair, this was just the post that I vented on, not really the topic. Obviously AnnRue did something right to lose the weight.
Thanks Chickie. And honestly, if you could hear me ranting about weight loss excuses.... but that is for another thread.

correct me if Im wrong is that calcium may play a role in processing food correctly and even tho it hasnt been studied much and your not a scientist I think its exciting and maybe this is something a person might wanna look into.
Yes basically that improperly used calcium may play a role in making the insulin resistance problem worse that it otherwise would be. So take a hypo... you never eat sugar, you have a great diet.... but, you eat only calcium and have no other nutrients that make sure calcium gets to where it is supposed to be (yes this could be magnesium, vitamin D, K2, sillica, boron, prosperous, potassium etc). The calcium lingers in your system and interferes with insulin receptors on the cell. Making it so that your not as insulin sensitive as you otherwise would be. Your body needs to release double the insulin to dispose of any sugar / carbs that you do eat. This excess insulin -- as insulin does - tends to hold on to calories thus, you think you ate 1200 calories for the day but, with the influence of calcium / insulin resistance, you actually got 1340 cals. But you have no earthly idea why you would be insulin resistant. After all, you drink water, you eat spinach, you don't eat candy. You take a multivitamin. But your multi vitamin has no trace elements in it and very little Vitamin d. But it does have 1200 mg of calcium.

Basically I don't know if I can buy the whole... glutton for sugar is making us insulin resistant anymore. In SOME senses.. yes. Lets say 50% of the population still eats like pigs and drinks coke. But there are entire movements out there now, low carb, paleo, that have totally reversed their eating. And even the not so devoted have likely cut out the soda, and cut back on the candy and the problem is really bad still.

So it seems to me that this is just another reason for people to be sure that they do get all the trace minerals they need to insure strong bones, because just taking calcium not only doesn't do that, but, also may cause hazards in the body.
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