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With apologies, dear royals, I went through this thread & deleted a few posts that didn't make sense as I am trying to be more sensible on the internet in 2013 (lol and briefer). I am replacing this last post I made a few days ago with a cross postie of my blog only to make things briefer, although brevity is NOT my strong suit ... on my 3FC blog today I posted:

"Lol, made some new year realizations this morning that I blather too much on diet forums about things other than weight so removed references to job hunting and how I FEEL about things other than weight management & exercise here 'n there about the internet.

The title of this blog (40 Days & 40 Nights & then Forever) has come to mean I am doing a series of 40 day (or thereabouts) periods of weight management & fitness readjustments and planning on managing weight in a sane fashion forever and ever amen.

As for blogging or sharing about career, I have realized I don't need to do that. It is what it is and I am where I am and I may mention work from time to time but what is important to me is that I am alive, alive-o, and have a beautiful, peaceful life, am queen/empress of said own life, have a glorious canine companion (always important to have a canine companion, in my opinion lol) and have this nice, little ol' lady wannabee bodybuilder hobby to reach the 120s again and (four more pounds or so) and to build & sustain healthy habits, muscle and a good quality of life.

I am grateful this clarity has come to me & have but one wish this Saturday morning and that is that the temperature rise some 'cause i really don't like being cold and I have to go buy food.

Calling all scale angels to help me through what could be a dicey weigh-in tomorrow as while I have good control of food & exercise, I kind of suspect I ate too much this week."

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