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Good morning to you all. We are expecting some snow showers in a couple hours, but thankfull the temps will rise into the 40's and it will melt fairly quickly. I worry more about water on the deck and roadways freezing making things slippery.

I wasn't feel well last night so we didn't get our car washed and didn't go out to eat. So, this afternoon we will take the car to be washed if it isn't raining and get a bite to eat.

Let's see, I bought baby carrots, a cucumber, grape tomatoes, and celery to make up little veggie snack baggies. I also bought some spicy tiny v-8 cans to have with a few wheat thins and a cheese stick. I really need to get many more veggies into my diet so I bought several different frozen veggie packages. I got a couple fuji apples, some grapes, blueberries and bananas for my fruits. I plan on using everything but the grapes to put into oatmeal servings to get fruit servings. I bought some fish for myself since I don't like the chicken casserole I make Jack. It was nice to have the commissary practically empty. I told Jack when he retires we will have to remember to do our shopping during the week instead of the weekend.

My yarn didn't come yesterday so hopefully it will get here today. Since I am sending the stuff with a present for Jackson and the slippers for Alicia and an 8 x 10 photo of us on the ship there is nothing for Jay. So I ordered some navy and gold yarn and am going to make him a Notre Dame watch cap with the ND logo on the brim. I am deciding whether to do it duplicate stitch, intarsia or fair isle style. I went onto my knitting website, Ravelry and typed in Notre Dame and one of the gals actually had the chart of the ND logo, which was great. So, I am excited to do something different too. I am working on a scarf for myself using stash sock yarn and it is coming along. It is for the cruise so I can put it aside anytime I want to do other things. I also am making myself a pair of socks, but haven't worked on them in awhile.

Maggie: Congrats on your loss. That is great. I know you are glad you are getting the weight off once and for all. Jack and I are going to work hard to do the same thing.

Susan: I told Jack that the only thing I worry about is developing cancer of the uterus with what I have had going on. So, I plan on making sure I keep up with her about any changes so we can keep on top of it. It is good not to be on those darn pills though.

Jean: Glad you made it to Omaha. Hope your trip down south will be more pleasant and a whole lot warmer. The truth is, arming teachers can get innocent people killed, armed guards won't stop it because they would be the first to be shot, banning guns isn't the answer because frankly the crooks, drug dealers, and nut cases don't always have licenses or have them legally anyway. I do like what Thomas's school does and that is all the doors are locked and you have to buzz to get in. Now that works because the office is glass fronted and looks out onto the front door, but.... The fact is, this is going to happen and we can only do so much to keep it from happening. So many of these incidents school or otherwise start with people being bullied or made fun of and next thing you know, they are "getting even." Not always, but many shootings are like that. Is is sadly the time we live in and it isn't going to get better. Teachers and parents need to work with their children to nut bully or make fun from the time they are little so they accept people the way they are. Of course, some of the parents are bullies too. Have fun in sunny Orlando!

Want to get some knitting done while Jack is still asleep. Have a nice Saturday all! Faye
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