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chickadee, there are several numbers that may be needed to make a diagnosis for you. If the tests you had were fasting, (that is you had not eaten yet that morning of the blood draws) then 100 or below is usually normal.
the A1C test is a test of how a sugar molecule attaches to your hemaglobin, and gives a "picture" of how your blood sugars were over the 3 preceding months. It should be below 6.0 %.
however, usually, if a doctor is concerned, they will do a full glucose tolerance test, taking a fasting blood sugar, and then instead of eating you drink a set glucose drink with 75 or 100 grams of glucose in it, and test one and two hours later to see how your body responds. Your doctor then looks at this response to determine your status. Most doctors would not make a diagnosis without more information.
A fingerprick test uses a different measure but is usually accurate. Its most accurate when you use the same meter (machine) and check it against the lab values from time to time. They will be slightly different but close.

I am "prediabetic" and am working to prevent myself from becoming diabetic through diet and exercise and taking a medication called metformin. I see my doctor and diabetic education regularly.
reading about this may be helpful, there is a "for dummies" book out, and a website called that may be helpful for you too.

Good luck!

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