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Good evening, ladies! A bit warmer today in the low 40s and sunshine.

I haven't done a thing today but go and get acrylic nails. I always wanted them so used some of my Christmas money for them. My own nails are terrible with ridges (from the inhalers) and cracking and breaking all the time. I've never had them before. I also got my eyebrows done because I can't see to do it anymore.

Faye, I'm glad you are on the otherside of the female problems. I hope they stay gone.

Maggie, I had bean and ham soup for supper and actually made some corn muffins. It was good and I had a small salad on the side and a banana for dessert. That was a tremendous loss - good for you. Sometimes when the scale isn't going down and we have done everything right, it's because our body is adjusting to the weight loss and then we have a woosh on the scale.

Have a wonderful evening.

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