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Good Evening, Flowers! We are in Omaha where it is cold tonight! We even drove through some snow flurries on our way here. I forgot a couple of things so stopped at a WM on our way. It was a much nicer store than ours and our towns are almost the same size. They were busy and had several check outs open.

Susan -- I am opposed to teachers carrying guns. In our school we had too many "thugs" and "wannabes" who would try to outsmart a teacher and get the gun. I thought having locked doors was the answer but that didn't work either.

Maggie -- Hope the WW iron monster agreed with your scale at home! I didn't know about marbles as we have them here. I bought some this summer to put in the bottom of plant pots so the water drains better.

"Gma" -- Great news about your checkup! Bob is watching football while I surf on my iPad.

Guess I will get my "stuff" ready for tomorrow morning. It will be a short night, breakfast starts at 4 and our shuttle is at 5! Have a fantastic Friday and enjoy!
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