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Bah! There is nasty bug on the loose in my workplace and I fear I may have finally lost the battle. I actually banned a sick co-worker from my office yesterday, telling her to take her germs and begone! But when you share a photocopier/scanner, various doorknobs and kitchen surfaces with 140 other people, your odds of escaping the virus is slim. Nevertheless, I had a vitamin packed smoothie when I came home, popped some ColdFx, and am having tea with lemon and honey. I hope to kill it with optimism!!

Arabella, hope you are over it soon!

Kaylets, happy to hear the new eating plan is working for you! Feeling slimmer will certainly keep you motivated.

Amarantha, that's the hard part, isn't it? Controlling how we react to others and unpleasant situations, and taking a step back before lashing out or eating the emotions through food. It takes strength and awareness to remind ourselves that there can be a positive outcome if we control our reactions, not to mention less guilt when we avoid diving into a pint of Ben & Jerry's!

wsw, hope you are well and staying warm!

Happy Friday Eve!!
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