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Evening girls! I had my gyn appt today and got great news. I am off the meds and no more d and c's unless something pops up again. She said she was going to do my pap while I was there so I got all undressed and sat on that darn bed for half an hour then she looked when my last one was and found out it was 1-10-2012 so my insurance wouldn't pay for it until I went past the year point. So, I have to go next month and get it done. I still have to try and get in to my regular doctor. Since I have to have a morning appt she is a tough one to get to see. I think when I go in for my pap, I will try and schedule the other one then maybe I will be done for 6 months or so anyway.

Tonight lots of bowl games and Jack has tomorrow off as we have to go out to the base and renew our base sticker, then go and get the new tags and since we are out there, I am going to do my commissary shopping. I need to get some hair dye, an eye liner pen and a couple other things at Walmart then I will have the weekend free. So I guess tonight I will sit and knit or read. I am definitely going to bed early as Fortune had one of his restless nights last night and I was up with him ever couple hours so got very little sleep.

Jean: Hope you have a wonderful trip and beautiful weather while you are down there. I know your kitties will miss you and the kids and grandkids too. We will sure miss you.

Maggie: Sounds like you have been busy with getting food all wrapped up and ready for the freezer and such. I am going to get the small snack baggies and then get several veggies and fix them into baggies for snacks and such. I still have not been able to find jicama at any store I have been to. I guess maybe I will try one more place before giving up.

Susan: My mom used to tell me it was the best stuff for cracked hands and feet. She said if it would heel a cow's udders then it would heal a person's hands and feet and she is right it does work great. I like Burt's bees stuff too. I used their lip balm a lot and their cuticle cream/

Well gals, I need to type up my shopping list and print it out for tomorrow. Have a great weekend all. Faye
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