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Thanks OnebyOne for starting this 2013 thread. I am grateful for a place to share my process. I am picking one area to work on for the month of January. It is my office.

I am going to let go of stagnant, draining things that are of no revelance. That means separating books, teachings, files, cd's and some leftover craft items.

The questions I am asking myself...."Will this help me or give me energy for the future"? Does it have true value for my life now. The last consultanting project I completed, examined a part of self called "conceptualized self". Getting stuck in "an old story" and not living in the moment----connected to specific values. I cared for other parts of my house but not this specific area. It is my catch-all of things that I don't want to deal with.

I am enough without having to keep some of these stagnant boxes of ????? I found it interesting yesterday as I journaled about my word for the year.....It ties directly into this new discovering and letting go of what doesn't fit for me anymore.

Looking forward to moving a bookshelf today.
Planning on purging 4 more boxes and moving a 3 drawer storage unit into the utility room that is very spacious.
Planning a birthday dinner for my DH and trying to figure out where to put my kitchen appliances that I use. I am making homemade pasta with my pasta maker. I also received a new food processor from my sister and I love it. I think the cookbooks need a new location if I am going to use the processer often. I store the pasta machine in the utility room as it isn't used as much.

LEXXISS: I received this post today and it reminded me of your process :

Freshly Organized added a post from January 1, 2013 to their timeline.
Today's GO (Get Organized) Month Tip: Write down your top 3 tasks to do each day and tackle them. Nice short to-do list are much easier to accomplish. If you get those three done you can repeat or you can be done for the day. Up to you :-)

Intending on having a successful first quarter with declutter, organizing and re-authoring some parts of my life and home.

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