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Hi, Coaches and Buddies.

Firstly, thanks for everyone's support and kind words regarding my pup. Both my husband and I moped and wept all day when she wasn't here. (Trying to get any writing done was fruitless -- I just kept staring at my computer and my mind kept thinking about pup.) After a few more tests the vet wanted to keep her overnight. We went to visit and she had a change of heart and let us bring her home. Care for her has been such a big part of our lives and will continue to be for a few more days. We believe that it is cancer (leukemia or histiocytic sarcoma), but I do not want to subject her to the bone marrow biopsy to confirm. She would be too far advanced at this point to make successful treatment a realistic option. Just in case we are trying a few meds at home, but they are unlikely to really help. I am attaching a picture of her. My 4 year old nephew had shared his blankie with her and tucked her in with his Rafiki. So sweet!

I am not normally a person that does a good job at seeking external support when I am going through something difficult and emotional like this. For some reason I really reached out to people and have been richly rewarded with support. Thank you all! I think because of that, my eating was 100% on plan yesterday. I have had an on plan breakfast this morning and have a plan for today as well.

BeverlyJoy, hope you are 100% soon and feeling all the way better!

BigChiefDave, glad you had a great celebration to kick off 2013. Congratulations on the -10#! Thanks for your thoughts about my pup. It really is strange how much of the sounds in our environment I've always attributed to pets, but they continue even in their absence.

BillBlueEyes, bummer for the system finding a way through your illness fortification. Credit for sharing it over 2 meals with DW. Great job for getting to gym as well!

GardenerJoy, I added that article to my reading pile. Sounds like you have a clean slated new year, which is great!

Lexxiss, congrats on the feeling-good activity! That is a great feeling.

NationalParker, your walk sounds amazing! Great job for working it in to the day rather than cutting it out at dark.

OnebyOne, bummer about the cookies. Non-dieters just don't get that "eat responsibly" concept is not naturally in all of us. My DH got some cookies from my step-mom. When I asked him to "hide them", he put them in the pantry with a bag of peanut puffs on top while I was standing right there. Thanks, DH, that is a real help.
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