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I have my WW meeting tomorrow and so I was thrilled to wake up to an empty tummy today. It means I did something right yesterday and if I hold the line ------- I will be on an even keel tomorrow as I face the Official Weigh-in Scale.

This morning's challenge will be my first, ever, visit to the service department of my local car dealer. I found my bill of sale for the chariot and we're insured as high as you can go. So, we'll see what that's really worth. I am bringing my e-reader, my patience, my smile and maybe a big cup of coffee to this event.

Other than that, today I begin to schedule my year. I need to visualize where I want to be this time next year then try to map out the steps to get myself there. This is a year when I need to hold firm to my ideas of what I need to get done.

nationalparker It's fun to set that miles walked goal. One year I was in a challenge where you chose a place you'd like to visit and found out the mileage and then everyday you mapped it on a google map as you virtully walked to it. It was fun to say, oh now I'm on Highway 7, oh now I've passed ____. Here's a link to a thread where they discuss it. I am sure you can find other threadds if you use the google. Where would you be if you did walk 1500 miles from where you live I wonder?? *credit* getting out for that walk yesterday btw
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