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Thumbs up Wednesday - The Eating Season is over!

Diet Coaches/Buddies I was so happy to give myself credit for skipping all the food at the New Year's Eve party that I missed due to my cold. Then I found that the host had sent DW home with a plate of the best to "make his cold feel better." Ouch! It became lunch and then split with DW for afternoon snack and now is gone. Not a huge calorie load, but a comeuppance from thinking I'd beaten the system, LOL. Yesterday food was on plan, CREDIT moi, including a concert where champagne and chocolates were served at intermission. Despite being FREE, I passed on both, CREDIT moi. It was a lovely feeling that I didn't need food to make a live music event enjoyable.

Walked to gym, CREDIT moi, to do my stationary bike ride. The gym was almost deserted - I guess the New Year's resolutions crowd doesn't show up on the 1st.

onebyone I've never seen an Eat responsibly label on food. Maybe this is the start of a good thing - if it would be added to tree nuts and trail mix, LOL. Kudos for serving yourself mindfully at your MIL's.

Joy (gardenerjoy) Congrats on another Huffington Post publication; I enjoyed reading it. Kudos for the BIG exercise day to make your December goal.

Debbie (Lexxiss) Neat that with all the options, you chose to have tomato slices at work.

Beverlyjoy Glad the back is recovering from your plumbing work.

FutureFitChick Sending supportive thoughts as you and your DH tend to your much loved Saint Bernard. It's a challenge to stick to planned writing, planned exercise, and planned eating when the emotions are high.

BigchiefDavid Congrats on those ten pounds lost over the eating season. Gotta love, "I'm not fearing January 2nd."

nationalparker Welcome home; Ouch for crusted snow waiting to be shoveled. Kudos for back on track today.

Jenn (Electro) Congrats on cracking that milestone - with Kudos for "for staying on plan over the season and especially on NYE!" I love it when the scale aligns with on plan behavior.

Readers -
chapter 2
What Really Makes You Eat
which muscle are you strengthening?

Throughout the pages of The Beck Diet Solution, you'll find that I often refer to two "muscles": your resistance muscle and your giving-in muscle. I'm actually talking about your tendency to think and act in certain ways.

.....Every time you resist eating something you shouldn't, you're strengthening your tendency to resist in the future. However, each time you give in and eat something you shouldn't, you're strengthening your tendency to give in.

.....So whenever you feel the urge to eat something you're not supposed to, think about which muscle you really want to strengthen. If you want to lose weight and keep it off permanently, you need to take every opportunity to strengthen your resistance muscle and to weaken your giving in muscle.
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 29.
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