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I'm superstitious about how I see the new year in, believing that what I do on the eve sets the tone for the next year. I have always spent it in quiet reflection, with the odd night going out to see fireworks. This year has been different and I think that's good. DH and I have switched social roles after 22 years together. He is now the social one with the friends dragging me out to his social events. I'm the one grumbling wanting to be quiet anad stay in. Two nights in a row he did this to me which is unprecedented. I went, as he did for me. But he owes me, as I did for him. The first challenge was the event with his family on Sunday night, the one I told you I was taking you Becksters with me for. Well, thanks for the assistance. I did well during the evening, and I filled half of my plate with salad *credit* and the other half was 1/4 one thing and 1/4 the other. Sweets were passed around and I stuck to one try of three things--and they were cut up small. *credit* However, as is my downfall, I did not persist in my victory of the evening and when the hostess pressed into my hands a tin, ust as we were leaving, with a ribbon on it and a tag that read (this is true) Merry Christmas. These cookies have come into contact with nuts. Please eat responsibly I immediately thought "I don't eat responsibly especially if someone tells me I have to" and so, after deciding I was just going to pass the unopened tin off to my studio mates, I opened it, cause I was too curious to see what was in there, and then I tried this one, and one of those and those and then I shared with DH and we ate the whole tin all at once in DEFIANCE of eating responsibly. so there.

Last night DH got an invite to go to a co-workers place for NYE. *sigh* I did not want to go. The co-worker is a big drinker and, IMHO, a problem drinker as he just loves alcohol, all kinds and he is so alcohol focused and gets seriously annoyed that I don't drink, much, or DH and then he just says really dumb stuff--like high school level drinking. *sigh* Anyway, we stuck it out and it's over. DH likes him cause he's outrageous. I see him as uncouth and an idiot ruled by alcohol. He's just not endearing to me. Annoying, yes. Even so, I drank a lot for me: 4 or 5 drinks I think. We ate before we left, mostly cause I didn't think we were going then DH was all pouty. Then, cause we were going I was all pouty, then I dropped it. I just thought this is finally the last of this wretched holiday season. So, to sum that up, I ate more than I wanted and drank what I didn't need at all and today was good *credit* and tomorrow is better--except the check engine light came on in the car this afternoon so.... off to the dealer it goes I think. First time for me with owning a car and now the first time with taking it in for a problem.

And that's all tiny stuff compared to my year ahead. I feel it as a year within which I will move mountains. Big birthday at the end of this year and I want big progress going on in my life to match it or I can say right now I won't be happy. My two big (continuing) mountains to conquer are getting my weight down and under 200 by the birthday in November and being rid of ALL the boxes that I moved here with in April 2011, all the while continuing to work toward my art-related personal goals which I still need to set for myself. I need to focus focus focus and plan plan plan. Much to do and the runway, as my BIL says, is getting shorter.

BigchiefDavid I was smiling as I read of your weight gain during the century ride. My sister had a similar exerience during the cancer walk a few years ago. She gained weight doing a marathon. Her stories related to the cancer walk are hilarious--not the norm that's for sure! I am sure you will have a competely different experience this time round. *big credits* for the good weightloss over the holiday season. I'll help you to remember this when you are faced with Mardigras challenges!
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