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First let me say that losing weight and getting exercise are great ways to make a difference... So you are definitely right about working towards continuing to lose weight being one of the best things you can do for yourself...

So it sounds like the 100 was a fasting blood glucose number that you got from your doctor... And now, most doctors want to see fasting blood sugars below 100... So as you can see 100 is right at the very beginning of what is now being considered "borderline" territory...

And as far as finger sticks... They are very accurate... It is what we use in hospitals to determine how much insulin to give patients... and of course, it's how people test at home to manage their diabetes...

Definitely talk with your doctor about what these numbers mean for you... and of course doing some research on line could be helpful in gaining a better understanding of blood sugar numbers... Some places I would start would be some google searches like... "What are normal blood sugar numbers" "Prediabetes" and "Reversing Prediabetes" also checking out the ADA site, and maybe the Mayo Clinic site or WebMD might be helpful as well... as a start...

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