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Hi, Everyone. Happy New Year. I ended up getting a GI bug that kept me at home last night, so I didn't have a party to deal with.

I am down this morning because my pup got really sick yesterday and I took her to the ER. It is looking very grave and suspect that her pain and weakness (that we had been trying to treat symptomatically) may be due to leukemia. She is having an abdominal ultrasound today. We have opted to not have a bone marrow biopsy done because of her advanced age. (She is 11 and that is middle of the range for Saint Bernards' lifespans.) I am really missing her, as she was always next to us wherever we went. We hope to be able to bring her home soon for palliative care. I will miss her greatly. We moved here with 4 cats and 2 dogs. She is the last one left after only six years. (Everyone got old at the same time.)

With all that, trying to get my writing done is difficult. I keep finding myself looking at stupid Pinterest to keep my mind off of her. Last night I had 4 of my husbands mini-Christmas cookies. Dumb response to sadness is to make me more sad by stopping the weight loss. Oh well - I am putting that behind me and have a plan for today.

BigChiefDave, what a great goal that is for your riding! It sounds like you have a great deal of momentum to begin the year!

BillBlueEyes, great job for staying the course with the rehab. In spite of the cold, CREDIT to you for sushi and not the high calorie junk.

Electra, that is great news about the milestone!! Way to go!

GardenerJoy, I am happy for you that you have determined where your maintenance weight should be. That is great for a bright outlook on managing your weight.

NatureGirl, that is great to hear that you are on track with your weight. I hope you managed to get all of the craft glue cleaned up this morning. What a great idea that was for NYE!

NationalParker, glad you made it home safely. Sounds like a busy day with shopping and shoveling. Great to hear you are refocusing on Beck! Congratulations.
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