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hi everyone. Have you ever just made something and didn't eat it?

Tonight I tried making an eggplant lasagna, for less than 200 calories per slice. I made it alright and everything. Spent about 15$ on the stuff I needed for it, etc. It took me 4 hours to make!!! And when all that time, money, and effort went into I was SURE I would like it...Well I didn't, I hated it! Some things I can force myself to eat but this was just bad. I guess this is a bad way to find out I don't like eggplant. I'm a little upset because I tried some and added a few calories to my system, It messed me up (since I count)

Anyway now I'm just a mess, this is so disappointing... Do you have any stories about meals you made that didn't work out the way you planned?

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