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Originally Posted by beachbella85 View Post
Hi Rookie, I'm doing something similar, except I eat a small meal in the morning just to get me going and then I do juicing the rest of the day. I'm kind of taking it a day at a time, using it as a huge opportunity to cleanse my digestive system...but I'll know when it time for quits. My mom and I were talking about it today, and I think that I'll probably move to regular meal for breakfast and lunch and then juicing after 4pm to allow my system to restore itself and rebuild doing sleepy time instead of having to focus on digesting dinner. I'd had some amazing results and I feel so much better! I can't believe how well my body is responding to this...and I never thought that processed foods really had that much of an effect on my body.

Rookie, how much weight did you average per day lost?
I averaged about an 1 to 2 pounds a day. Right now I'm juicing in the day time and one vegetarian meal at night. I haven't exercised in over a month because I wanted to see if I could still lose weight without exercising doing the juice fast(also I was scared my muscles wouldn't repair on low protein diet). When I did the juice fast only I was losing weight. Right now I'm juicing and one meal a day and my daily calories are under 1200. My weight has stayed the same for 3 days. I'm not hungry. I'm still drinking at least 64oz of water a day. My appetite has decreased a lot. I'm going to drink green smoothies during the day the next 2 days and one meal at night (still under 1200 total calories for the day) to see if I can at least drop a pound. I don't crave junk food still right now. I've been eating a few of my favorite foods that I've made like avocado taco, cilantro salad,veggie chow mein,etc. I really need to get this weight off so I may do a 7 day juice fast starting Monday. I see you're in the Atlanta area also. The cheapest place to buy fruit and veggies is Super H mart, and farmers markets. It's not organic but I can juice on about $5 a day.
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