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Originally Posted by pluckypear View Post
Kaplods Thanks for the tvp suggestions. For years I have been buying yves just like ground. Even on sale this is much more expensive then tvp and has much more sodium. I saw Bob's tvp on sale for 2 something and got one pack. Now to make it and figure out how to get a similar texture to the just like ground. I will try on it's own as I do not eat much meat anyway.
Texture is the main reason that I usually do not use tvp on it's own. I brown the dry tvp with a bit of ground beef and seasoning veggies and only then add the hot water to reconstitute the tvp.

Personally I think that browning the tvp in a bit of healthy fat and then adding the water helps improve the texture. I usually do this with actual ground beef, because hubby prefers it that way. For myself, it doesn't matter as much, but I still find that sauteeing dry does seem to help texture.

I've sauteed onions, celery, bell pepper, and mushroom in a bit of butter, coconut oil or canola oil and added the tvp half-way through the sauteeing. Once the onions are soft and starting to carmelize a bit, then I add the hot water or broth.

If you're not going to use any meat, the sauteeing and the inclusion of mushrooms especially helps give a meatier texture.

In chili and spaghetti sauce and other very seasoned sauces, I will sompetimes just add dry tvp. I don't add any extra water until I find out how much the tvp absorbs from the sauce.

Adding the tvp to a sauce dry (instead of reconstituting it with water and then adding it to a sauce) really improves the tvp flavor, because flavor is absorbed with the liquid. If you reconstitute it with water first, it doesn't absorb as much flavor and the "soy" flavor remains more noticeable.
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