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Originally Posted by skelley331 View Post
Well I didn't fair so well during christmas, went off plan and have had problems with cravings big time! I've gained 3lbs ugh!!! I went back on plan today but this evening i'm craving chips, ice cream, etc. Since i started stabilization and then onto maintenance I feel like the eating habits are creeping up again! They ween you off of everything and it seems like since i've gone off the supplements and added all the foods back in i'm not able to control anything, does anyone have any advise please!!!!

Any time you gain or feel like you're losing control to cravings, take a few steps back on your plan--whether it be to one of your stabilization stages, or back to the green menu. This is what I do, anyway. Some months I do totally fine on maintenance, and other months (like this one, lol), I bounce back and forth between maintenance, stabilization, maintenance, overindulging, green menu or metaquick, then back to stabilization/maintenance.

It's tough, but I think the hardest part is the realization that this is ALWAYS going to be a struggle. It does get easier much of the time, but I was very sad when I realized that going on maintenance still meant that I was never going to be able to relax and just eat--I always have to plan ahead and/or consciously make healthy/on-plan food choices. However, if I get to continue to be healthy, look good, feel good, and have more energy, then I guess I can handle that, even if it is forever.
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