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I've been trying to lose three pounds over this holiday break. Unfortunately, I think I might have done the opposite and gained. Not three pounds, but still no good. I'm sick of seeing the scale go up. I need to stop making excuses and stop choosing junk and overeating instead of doing things properly. I haven't ever been a healthy weight and it'd be nice for this to be my last fat Christmas. Sorry for the rant. I'm feeling a bit moody. haha.

Fears confirmed. Weighed in at 189.2. I'm coming up on TOM though so I'm hoping if I'm good, I'll be less than 187 by this time next week. On a positive note, I just got back from a run (kind of) I decided that I would walk two fifteen minute miles and then run my last mile (typically I run/walk or do straight through). I timed my last mile and finished right at 8 minutes. This isn't super fast, but I haven't been running in ages. I just restarted this past week after a two plus month break. I'm really looking forward to breaking 7, but I think that won't be for a while. haha. Anywho, Merry Christmas Eve to all!

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