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Cinnamon pita crisps...

If I don't have any other carb desserts during day like baked oatmeal,I will have 2-3 of the crisps with my yogurt pudding at night. Now.... If you can't eat just a few, don't make them. In the old days, I could not eat just a few, would eat them all. Sad, but true. I now never have more than 3.

To make pita crisps:.

Preheat oven to 425

Cut pita breads in half then in many wedges and put into bowl

Add cinnamon and splenda and butter spray If you don't want to use splenda, I use agave nectar, or could use SF maple syrup. Mix all well, trying to coat all the pita wedges and bake about 7minutes or until crisp. I check after 4 minutes, a they burn easily.The liquid to me makes them sweeter as the liquid sticks to the wedge better.

Also like these crisps, dipping into Peanut Butter 2 as a different treat.

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