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Default Diet help please?

So I have a monthly budget of $135 for food. It is in food stamps, so I am unable to shop at farmers markets or other local produce markets that do not take these. (None around me do anyway and gas is too expensive to go riding around the country side looking for cheap apples, lol.)

It might be asking too much, but could anyone think of a grocery list that would sustain me for the entire month on this budget, with a limited amount of processed foods/fats? I also have colitis which is pretty much the equivalent of crohns disease so I am also hoping to start a low-fat and healthier diet to relieve my symptoms.

If this is even possible at my budget, which literally makes me laugh at how impossible it seems.. if anyone could message me or post here about this I would really appreciate it. I have tried everything I can think of and I'm just getting very depressed and discouraged now. I fear that I will be symptomatic, sick, and overweight forever because of my circumstances. I cannot even work or continue with college until my symtoms are under control and that will not happen with the food pantry and cheap fatty food diet I am on now. (I was at the grocery store today and the cheapest juice was $3 while a bottle of soda was $1. It is all very depressing as I am 21 years old and feel that my quality of life is so low and that I have absolutely no control...)

Any words of advice would be so much appreciated. Thank you. <3

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