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Morning all,
I declined going to a last-minute holiday party last night. Er, probably not last-minute, but BF was last minute in telling me. Since we've got another one tonight and he didn't care strongly if I went, I declined. Instead I ate my OP dinner, walked the dog as planned, and worked on caning a chair that I'm trying to finish for a coworker. I've had it for ~3 months and haven't had much time to sit and work on it, now feel guilty I've had it so long. I'm hoping to deliver it before I leave town for Christmas. I know, another self-imposed deadline. At least I'm getting paid for the chair.

Jen, glad you had a pain-free run! That is great!

Dagmar, I've never heard of "freekah". I just looked it up: "A cereal food made from green wheat that goes through a roasting process". Is it similar to buckwheat? I'm curious how your dinner turned out.

Becky, glad the house is still coming along. When you talk about your DS's chorus it always makes me nostalgic for my own children's choruses. I'm sure the music is wonderful. If anyone makes a youtube video etc you will have to send me a link. I'm laughing about your bunnies eating the tree. My dog really likes to chew up pine cones and sticks (not eat, just chew up, thank goodness). I shudder to think what she'd do with a real live tree, not just a fake one.

Is it really only Tuesday? This is going to be a long week at work. Have a good day everyone.
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