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Bill, I don't get the business about snarfing treats as a form of worship or gratitude either; I would think that any benevolent creator would be somewhat horrified at the mistreatment of the body temple.

Dagmar, I also blast the tunes while decorating - and sip heavily-spiked eggnog. Trans-Siberain Orchestra is my traditional season kickoff music. I may need to switch that up once the CD comes out of DS's Saturday concert. If the sound has been reproduced even remotely accurately, TSO will become 2nd in line!

Jen, I'm not a good housekeeper either. I count on my cleaning service for that, and it does force me to pick up every two weeks. June Cleaver, I ain't! I always figured that if the best they could come up with at my eulogy was "she was a great housekeeper", then I wasn't doing what I should have been doing.

megan, I couldn't listen to the address. I will make some alone time this week to grieve the way I need to. You're right, there are no words - just really raw, wrenching emotions.

allison, my scales have always given me good notice when the batteries are at the end. I like having the half-pound increments, because they don't change as often! I'm sure watching the cat dynamics has been really entertaining!

saef, I hope your new hire is a quick learner - that would be a nice gift in and of itself!

ward, I'm grateful that DS was never the adventurous type. a) he's not fast, and b), he's risk averse. For the kid that needs one, the leashes are a fabulous idea.

jessica, oil-fried everything doesn't sound like a way to celebrate to me - it sounds more like a night in the bathroom.

michele, that is definitely a big compliment from your yoga teacher! Good luck with fielding any questions; there certainly are far more questions than there are answers.

The big choir stuff is done. Whew! I'll get some links up for those who are interested, later this week. Now we'll have just minor stuff locally for the rest of the month. I guess this means I can start my gift shopping now ...

Siding continues to progress. There was an error by someone on the soffit material, which means a several week delay, but everything else can work around it. What's done looks pretty good.

My bunnies think that the Christmas tree is their own special snack. They've been vigorously trimming the lowest branches. I think I'm going to have to wait until the last minute to put presents under the tree (of course, at the rate I'm getting my shopping accomplished, that won't be a problem), as I am reasonably sure they will take great pleasure in tearing the wrapping paper off.

There are no social minefields to navigate this week. Work will be quiet, and I am going to use the opportunity to do some organizing for next year. Hopefully, tonight I will get everything ordered for gifting.
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