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Morning all. Once again, I'm with Shad - it's my Friday!

Happy - I/m sorry your hubby is having the racing heart/palpitation problem. will certainly keep him in my prayers. I definitely agree that he needs to keep after his doctor or find another one to find a solution to this!! Re the pizza dough - I'm a fan of America's Test Kitchen (on PBS) and I'm using their recipe. You can see their current season's recipes and watch current season's shows on their site for free, but I believe you have to register there (of course). Here's the link for the pizza/dough:
I have to say DOH! (pun intended) I forgot about the breadmaker - yep, it has a dough setting, of course. So now I have two ways to get out of hand-kneading. Hope the workdays go quick and easy for you with a minimum of foot/back pain.

Mel - Loving the holiday graphics you are treating us to each day! I hope you're feeling better after a day of quiet and TV (i.e., Hallmark channel) and are able to do your Christmas dinner shopping. What's gonna be for dinner - I need ideas for ours! I do like the idea of your flashing light (and siren/beeper) to get people out of the way. It seems I'm always walking behind someone diddling with their smart phone and they have of course slowed down to a snail's pace and are veering off at an angle just at the same time that I've tried to get around them at that same angle!

Ceejay - This morning I just started reading an article in the Sunday paper (still working on it) on doomsday - interesting. I also have that song in my head now, lol.

Annie - The peace of mind you and C will get with not having that property to worry about is probably worth more than making a profit on the house. Just hope C can break even after the commission and other expenses.
Went to the 4G exercise class last night. It was mostly upper body work last night, so I won't add the 5th G to it (gams) this time. Quite a workout, so I'm sure to get sore very soon.

My pizza dough didn't seem to rise much more than when I'd checked it yesterday morning, so I got paranoid and played the ATK episode on the computer to see how much their dough rose - not very much - and so I felt better. And for some reason I thought I needed to put the dough in a giant bowl, so that made the dough look tiny, haha. Tonight we'll make the sauce, shape the pizza crust, top it off & bake it up. Hope it turns out tasty!

Back to the grind. Everyone have a great day!


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