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HAPPY...sending you energy and the force of Kahn to get you through the next 3 bear of work days. I bought cards the other day and just sent to my family and Cs fam then a couple of others...all 18 cards sent. Have to make it back to the store to get another box. Haven't even started on my friends. Blah. Still need to get Dad's PJs. So far the couple of places I have looked do not carry "his" kind. Old long sleeve flannel two piece with a pocket on the shirt so he can stuff junk in it as he travels throughout the house. haha. Probably a good thing not seeing the bear. Maybe he is picking on someone else. My kids never have bickered over who got the most stuff or money spent on them, it is mainly my mom worry gene working overtime. Then again, I don't want to even entertain the thought of that one starting. Sending you fluffly cushionie foot pad thoughts!!

C is putting his house on the market. Probably won't lose his butt on it, however will maybe break even. We just do not want to mess with the upkeep or renters. PIAs. Not enough time in the day to do the things we want to do in the first place.

Better post and get back at. Later ladies.


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