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Morning all.

Shad - Sophia is just adorable. Those big blue eyes! Thanks for the link so we could see them (they photos & the eyes, lol). Sorry work is being so stressful at the moment.

Mel - Sorry the day has started out as a mess. Hope it gets cleaned up as it goes! Thanks for your thoughts re the evaluation. Part 1, submitting my self-eval today. Next anxiety will occur when it's time to discuss it with the boss. Bleh.

Annie - Awww, nice you took time out to play with the li'l guy this morning. I'm sure you've given an extra 15 minutes of work already or will do so in the near future.

Happy - Bet you never thought you'd be putting in the hours you are with this part time job! Sorry you don't have the perfect gift recommendations to help your mother - it's hard enough coming up with our own, isn't it?? We didn't eat at the Twisted Quilt, we ate at Houlihan's. Just "okay". They have this lengthy wine list (surprise!), but no descriptions, yet the staff can't answer questions about their offerings. Lame. But what did I expect? My burger was alright though. Well, re learning new things about our fellow Worldlies, we might just have to have a weekly or monthly question in which we all report something about ourselves that has not been previously disclosed - trivial or otherwise. Or just some other "getting to know you" type questions. I bet all your wildlife looks even better in the snow - more tranquil because snow seems to muffle the sounds. Hang in there for the next 3 days of work!!

Hellos to the rest of the Worldlies. Miss you all!
Last night I made pizza dough. I used an old hand-me-down food processor and quickly learned it could not handle the heavy dough. Out came the Kitchenaid with the dough hook. I'll reserve that old food processor for making the pizza sauce since the recipe uses it - why not? We have a newer/better blender/processor, but the processor doesn't have a large enough capacity for larger quantities. We use it mostly for chopping onions, nuts, etc. Anyway, the dough sat in the fridge overnight and it rose a little bit. We'll see how it looks when it hits the 24-hour mark tonight. We'll probably make the pizza itself tomorrow night.

Thought I might walk to the Art Institute at lunchtime today, but I need to get that self-eval done and a bunch of other stuff too. This darn job gets in the way of my fun!

Nothing planned tonight, but I guess I should get to an exercise class. Feeling slothful, but I will try to remember to change into workout gear right when I get home.

Enough babbling, on with the day. Almost half over, hallelujah.

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