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Good morning ladies,

Sorry I haven't posted. I have wound up going into work on my supposedly "off" days. We have so many big orders, I don't know when or how we will get them done in time. Today I am truly off but I have some shopping to get done and a million other things to do. I am also trying to find something small my Mom can give as gifts to people but nothing I suggest is pleasing her or her budget which is probably why my sister gave up offering. I feel frazzled. And the worst is yet to come - starting tomorrow and for the next 2 weeks until Christmas it's going to be like taking a deep dip down a very high roller coaster. So forgive me if I don't have much time to post here.

Shad - I am truly sorry that things are so crummy right now in your surroundings. How scary with the earthquake - glad you were not rocked too badly and nothing that fell off belonged to you. Sophia is gorgeous. What incredible blue eyes - she is such a cutie, thanks for sharing the pictures. I agree she and Lil Man will be quite the hot couple. The way things are going around you, best not eat the seafood - oops, probably too late on that one, am I? I'm sure they will make the stupidist (?) decision they can on the project going forward.

Annie - what a GREAT wagon that is. Blows away the Radio Flyer and probably is built to take a pounding too. I'm sure he'll love it. Hope it's got a long enough handle so grandma won't get a backache pulling him along. I saw the little trikes (bikes) with a push handle in the back too for starter bikes for toddlers - thought that was a good idea too. I know what you mean about the comparision of baby gifts. One of my nieces watches with a hawkeye at Christmas to make sure her kids get the same amount and value of gifts as the other niece's kids - those two have an intense dislike of one another. It's both funny and pathethically sad and makes me not want to spend Christmas with them. Glad you got your house all decorated - they made a new device that cleans the floors by itself - you just attach a swiffer pad. I'm sure that would scare the bejezzus out of Sassy tho. Those things only work on all tile or all wood floors tho.

Laura - good luck on the self evaluation. I hated that we'd work so long on them, and the boss would either nit pick and tweak them down (to drop the raise percent) or would sing our praises and tell us how wonderful we were and oh by the way, no raises this year because there was only enough money for manager parties and bonuses. Such a worthless waste of time. Glad you found a pair of sneakers that are comfortable for the exercise - sometimes it's hard to get ones that fit well. I was telling DH how they redesigned Randhurst and we both commented on how things have really changed up there in the last 10 years - just like downtown. I don't think we'd recognize it any more. My coworker came in yesterday with a sweatshirt that said Palatine. Six degrees of separation lives on You never mentioned if you liked the Twisted Quilt's food They featured them on Undercover Boss - made me laugh that the CEO's wife was wearing a Christian Cross on her neck, talked about how their girls had "class" all while she was demonstrating new push up bras that would make the server's boobs pop out even more than before

Mel - remember the famous flashing blue light they used to have at Kmart stores where they'd move it around the store to highlight unadvertised -ie. Kmart Blue Light Specials? I think we need to mount one on your chair since you seem to have to race around and take care of everyone's crisises. outta my way How cool that you were in art school. Know you 10 years and still finding out things about you

Ceejay - I want you to know that ever since you said we should keep the snow up here it's been snowing for 4 days straight! A very fine, light snow which does make it seem quite festive. I'll keep it over your strong storms though.

Michelle - heads down - get your work done and before you know it you'll be whisking off to California for a much needed vacation.

Hellos to Patty, Ellen and Java

I need to get dressed. We have bird food to pick up because my birdies have told all their friends about us and we have an entire village in the pine trees - they clear out a 2 foot tall feeder in about 3 or 4 days. We've also had alot of deer at night eating corn. A couple of beautiful bucks too. They are sooo skittish - in order to look at them I have to go in the pitch dark laundry room and move the curtain really slow to look out the door. No sign of the bear or the raccoons. I did see a bunny scamper across the driveway last night. It was 1 degree outside when I went to bed. The snow was sparkling like it does when it's really cold. It got down to 22 percent humidity in the house which is REALLY dry. Now DH is getting shocked with static just like me. Anyway I need to get to Walmart to pick up some Christmas cards - thought I bought some earlier but they might be where ever I hid our winter caps and gloves and scarfs Have a good one ladies. I have a brutal 3 days straight of work ahead of me starting tomorrow. Might not have the strength to crawl up the stairs to the computer afterwards so my posting might be minimal until Sunday.
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