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OMGoodness SHADDIE...what adorable pictures...I especially love the one with the flappers headband on. That is too cute. Sophia has such beautiful blue eyes. Lil man and Sophia will make a great couple. I heard about the earthquake on the tube. I always worry about you when things like that happen down there. Especially when part of the building is not where it is supposed to be. YIKES., you are having alarm men for breakfast. You lucky devil....oh, they went to breakfast and will return by 9...darn! How many took the day off and left you alone...put a closed sign on the door and go back to your den!

LAURA...I doubly hate self-evaluations. It doesn't matter what you put on there, bosses always dispute your answers. At least in my experience. I always rate myself high, that way if they bring it down they will wonder if they go too low. Ah, two can play this game. lol's your work week going? Blah, getting back into the groove even if just after the weekend is a horrible task for me. hugs.

Last night was dinner, cleaning kitchen, then wrapping a couple of more gifts. Watched my show "Hart of Dixie" and went to bed. Sassy is at sissy's house today enjoying lil man. He was awake this morning when I dropped Sass off, so I played with him for a few minutes, therefore was about 15 mins late to work. Oh well, who the H cares around here anyway.

That is about it for me...everyone have a great day/night.

Loves and hugs.


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