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Shad - First an earthquake, and then a crummy work day. I'm glad there was no serious damage from the quake! Still, sort of concerning when parts of the building fall off...Sounds like the contract renewal is on par with the way the rest of this project has been handled. Guess it's going to be a last minute thing. Need a password to get into your photos...

Annie - Yum, Mexican food. I could eat it several times per week! Smart of you to be cognizant that you will have to match the gifting when more grandkiddies come along. On the other hand, I suppose the same thing might happen with grandparenting as happens when the new parent stuff wears off. By the time the last kid arrives (I was the 4th and last), there were few photos...

Ceejay - Too bad the garland caused a problem with the alarm. I put up a few bright red bows outside yesterday, but otherwise the rest of our outdoor holiday decorations are not up yet. It will be warming up later this week, so hopefully it will happen soon.

Yes, I do deserve another pair of sneakers, but I just want to make sure they're right for me first. Otherwise it'll be a waste of money!!

Well, my mood took a nosedive this afternoon when I started working on my performance evaluation (self-assessment). I hate doing this! I think I will be dinged as far as the software project goes, but I'm darn sure I'm not gonna ding myself on it. Let the boss do it, and maybe I'll try to talk my way out of it. Anyway, this is due tomorrow, so at least I didn't give myself too much time to agonize over it.

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