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Feeling somewhat brain dead this morning. Don't know what is causing this but could it please go away before I do something drastic on the roads or on the project.

There was an earthquake here in the early hours of yesterday. Quite a long rolling one too. It woke me up with the movement and I heard some building creaking and shrieking and something fell as they do during an earthquake. No serious damage though. I did find a piece of extruded aluminium on my balcony in the daylight- looked like it belonged to the window frame somewhere but didn't seem to fit too well on any of mine. Duly reported this to the management. It was gone by afternoon so I guess they found a home for it somewhere. However, wherever it went I don't think it was ever screwed or nailed into place since none of the holes looked scratched, dented or bent. Just makes you wonder how safe some places actually are.

Apart from this, I don't have much to report. I'm off out to dinner tonight. Being taken to a seafood place somewhere on the Waterfront. Where else would you put a seafood place?

Still no word on whether or not they will renew. Talk about slack. If they don't renew at least two of the contractors up for renewal, they will never get the rest of this project off the ground. I'm not talking about me here. I am dispensable, some of the others are not at least for this project.

I 'm sorry, no personals this morning. I'll try for a better frame of mind tomorrow or even later today. I'm over this.
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