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Afternoon gals. It is quite chilly here today but full of sunshine. I surely wouldn't want Jean's temps. Jack wore his heavy coat to work this morning as it was below freezing by a bit. I don't think it has warmed up much past that and there is some wind.

I have all the chores and cleaning done today and even called direct tv about our HD not working properly. Of course, whatever is wrong with it is up on the dish so we have to have a technician come out and look at it on Thursday. Luckily, I have the protection plan so don't have to pay for the call or work on it. Our HD dish is leased not purchased so they own that so I would think they would have to work on it regardless, but maybe not.

I have to get to working on the heel of Thomas's sock now. Amazon had the size 13 dpn's for the slippers Kelly wants really cheap at $4 versus Joann who wanted $15 and then they had none in stock. Since tonight is Thomas's concert I will talk to her about what color she wants as they have Lion Brand yarn in the weight I need cheap too.

Maggie: Congrats on another loss. You really are getting close to your 100 lb mark which will be fabulous. My hope for the next year is to lose enough to get into the summer clothes I wore when we went to Vegas for Jay's birthday. That was before all this mess with the intestines and uterine, etc. I am just glad I seem to actually be better. So, what is your favorite Chinese food??? Jack will only eat some type of fried rice and egg rolls. I like all the low meins, mei funs, and most of the chicken dishes.

Jean: Sounds like you might have snow on the way. One of my knitting online friends lives in North Dakota and has a lot of snow right now. I hope Ernie's brother will start feeling comfortable enough to come in and stay inside. It is a long process for a cat. They just don't trust much.

I guess I better go and get a snack. We won't be having dinner until around 8 tonight. Have a good day all. Faye
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